a memorial that forever preserves the ​​​light and memory of life

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Handcrafted, one-of​-a-kind memorials
an artistic reminder of the life that has passed - a unique cremation urn that captures life and light

Unique Art Piece​​
Elegant Memorial
Candle Display
During the distinctive glass blowing process, each piece is hand-blown and the outcome is unique as the life it memorializes. Variations of size, light and color will spontaneously occur, capturing the essence of the unique soul it embodies.
A beautiful piece to display in the home - the piece is wonderfully private in that no one knows that it is an urn. The ashes of your loved one remain intact inside the colored bubble of glass, your secret to share or to keep to yourself, it is in your control.
Urns from the Light collection serve as a tea light holder - just as the urn becomes a permanent vessel for tangible remains, its symbolic light reminds us that the embodied spirit lives on forever. With your memories, the candle shimmers, light playing in the darkness that surrounds it. 
A ritual to remind and heal

an intimate process from beginning to end - preserving, sharing and remembering


Simple Process

Family Sets

Create a beautiful preservation.
Forever keep the ashes of parents, family members, loved ones and pets.

Keep the cremation process intimate.
The custom-made vessel is shipped to you with simple instructions on how to insert the ashes.

Order multiple urns to share the ashes.
Each piece is a keepsake urn, intended to store a portion of the loved one's remains.